Integrating education and industry

Education and job hiring should be integrated. We have a complicated endeavour - rocket science, food and industrial logistics, browser engines, search engines - people should be funelled into positions from school. No job interviews


Essentially hiring should be scientific - it should be based on numerical results and non discriminayory self report questionnaires.

Rather than schools and education systems being divorced from the hiring in companies or human endeavours, the school educated specifically for certain roles. So you might have a calculus math class but because you've applied for a mechanical engineering role you would take it but the set of classes you have is based on your target endeavour.

We funnel people into jobs. People don't have to look for jobs and companies don't have to look for people because there is a system in place to funnel people to endeavours.

You might have a class for a specific company where you train the students destined to that company for a particular skill needed by employees of that endeavour.


投票 (可選) (別通知) (可選)

是的,嗯,這幾乎是在日本完成的。學生畢業後幾乎可以通過一種叫做 shūkatsu (就活),工作幾乎是有保障的,因爲這種關係通常在他們畢業前就開始了,通常在畢業前一年實習,這更像是建立關係而不是通常的實習。


教育 = 行業 = 娛樂,我已經在 此處(關於學校的部分和工作)。

Yes, well, it is almost done in Japan. Students do go almost directly to the enterprises and companies after graduation via something called shūkatsu (就活), whereby job is almost guaranteed, because the relationship usually starts way before their graduation, usually with internships a year before graduation, which are more like relationship building than usual internships.

However, only thinking about education and industry is too narrow. I think, there should be integration between:

Education = Industry = Entertainment, and I've described that here (section about schools and jobs).

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I would love to see television programs about people working and exactly what they do in a day. And folloe a project to completion. Like documenting a business process. It would teach so many people.

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