Shift in Human Values from Input to Output

How could humans balance attention?


Popular lifestyle today is to be busy and rush through life. Most people's attention is focused on the input: taking information and things into one's mind and life, like consuming the news, products and services, Earth's resources. While a smaller percentage of the population is focused on the output: inventing new ways of living, new designs for new things, creating something new that has never existed.

I wonder if that's the status quo that cannot change? Does majority of people want to be like containers that can take it all in and never stop taking?

I wonder, how could humanity evolve to a different kind of society where majority of people are focused on the output: exploring in the wild and creating new kind of thoughts, experiences and things?

Creativity brings peace of mind through its practice of observation, chaos, reflection, and this puzzle is important because solving it would bring peace of mind to majority of people.


投票 (可選) (別通知) (可選)


Like, producerism instead of consumerism?

“生產者主義是一種意識形態,它認爲那些從事有形財富生產的社會成員比繼承其財富和地位的貴族對社會​​的利益更大。” ~ 維基百科


"Producerism is an ideology which holds that those members of society engaged in the production of tangible wealth are of greater benefit to society than, for example, aristocrats who inherit their wealth and status." ~ Wikipedia

I wonder, what word would reflect a sense of "output" as a natural expression of self, also a balance between "input" (experiences) and "output" (creating) and sound more reserved, being about inner journey? Producing is not about status as wikipedia suggests, but something deeper, happiness for self and not showing off for others.

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