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I invite you to take a personality quiz and post your responses here so we can match together people who would work well together


I recommend these websites for doing your personality test. On the second link there's a button the analyse the results and there's a section that tells you the certainty of the results.

To start the talking I am an INFJ and on sakinorva I am INxx where XX is pretty uncertain. I've gotten INTP and INFP on this test.

I am pretty sure I am an INFJ


投票 (可選) (別通知) (可選)

好的。好吧,我更像是一個 INTJ,經過多次測試,4 次中有 3 次我是 INTJ,還有一次是 INTP。

Ok. Well, I'm more of an INTJ, tested multiple times, 3 out of 4 times I was INTJ, and once INTP.

Mindey 我建議進行 sakinorva 測試並檢查分析結果按鈕上的確定性表。您需要檢查 INTJ 和 INTP 的 MTBI 功能堆棧

最後一個字母改變但改變了 MTBI 類型的整個功能堆棧。

Ni-Te-Fi-Se 或 鈦-氖-硅-鐵

另請參閱此圖 Mindey

主導功能:內向的直覺。 INTJ 天生內向。 ... 輔助功能:外向思維。 INTJ 是偉大的思想家、規劃師和分析師。 ... 第三功能:內向的感覺。 INTJ 經常被誤認爲是冷酷無情的。 ... 劣勢功能:外向感知

INTP 功能堆棧

主導功能:內向思維(Ti) 輔助功能:外傾直覺(Ne) 第三功能:內向感覺(Si) 劣勢功能:外傾感覺(Fe)

Mindey I recommend taking the sakinorva test and checking the certainty table on the analyse results button. You wilt need to check the MTBI functional stack of INTJ and INTP

The last letter changes but changes the entire functional stack of the MTBI type.

Ni-Te-Fi-Se or TI-Ne-Si-Fe

Also see this diagram Mindey

Dominant function: Introverted intuition. INTJs are introverted by nature. ... Auxiliary function: Extroverted thinking. INTJs are great thinkers, planners, and analysts. ... Tertiary function: Introverted feeling. INTJs are often mistaken as being cold and emotionless. ... Inferior function: Extroverted sensing

INTP Functional Stack

Dominant Function: Introverted Thinking (Ti) Auxiliary Function: Extraverted Intuition (Ne) Tertiary Function: Introverted Sensing (Si) Inferior Function: Extraverted Feeling (Fe)

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儘管在過去的 10 年中,我進行了 16P 測試,並且兩次都以 ENFP 的身份出現。 (我當時生活在一個超級社會文化中——愛爾蘭!)

RE 合作,我認爲這不僅僅是個性匹配,更重要的是 - 特定時間的興趣:現在誰在做類似的事情以及人們如何具體地互相幫助。

My friend neuroscientist once said that personality changes based on environment :)

Although in the past 10 years I did 16P test and in both I came out as an ENFP. (I lived in a super social culture back then though - Ireland!)

RE collaborations, I think it's not just a personality match but more so - interests during a specific time: who is working on similar things right now and how people can help each others specifically.

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