Thinking Culture

How to move from no-thinking to insight?


Creativity welcomes everyone who has a need to express themselves. But creativity starts with thinking. And thinking is not part of a modern culture (consumerism is).

Here I wonder, what's the best way to learn thinking for someone who has never done it? And how does tetrahedron example apply for facilitation of thinking for someone?


投票 (可選) (別通知) (可選)



B.Fuller defines life as "thoughts" and 4 being a min.number for having a thought. But what does it mean in practise?







Notes from "A Fuller Explanation" book club:

"Thinking isolates events; "understanding" then interconnects them. "Understanding is structure,"

"Realizing that a thought required at least enough "somethings" to define an isolated system, it seemed vitally important to know the minimum number ..."

"A "thought" is a "relevant set": experiences related to each other in some way. All the rest of experience is outside the set-not tuned in."

-- sounds like a structure of creativity/ideation! which could be transformed into "learning how to think" guidance"


這確實是有見地的。在當前系統下發生的事情是AI直接連接到[limbic系統](,而不是[neocortex]( / wiki / Neocortex)。之所以發生這種情況,是因爲營銷人員發現,潛意識和潛意識的信息傳遞效果更好,並且濫用了人們的大腦回路(limbic系統),通過與那些更基本的需求相關的貨幣系統來控制人口,並將整個互聯網推向了這一方向。 “圖像優先”而不是“表格優先”。


// And thinking is not part of a modern culture (consumerism is).

This is insightful, and indeed. What is happening under the current system, is AI getting directly connected to the limbic system, not the neocortex. This seem to have happened due to marketers finding out that subliminal and subconscious messaging works better, and abusing people's brain circuitry (limbic system), to control the populations with monetary system connected to those more basic needs, and pushing the whole internet to that direction of "images-first" instead of "tables first."

It may be because of the lack of tools for big-data decentralized thinking, and new ideas for that may change the status quo, I believe.




I used to think I didn't think, as I was intuitive. So I don't think things through actively. I don't have an internal monologue. I just do.

I think pretty deeply about things, but it's all invisible thoughts and below the surface.

It's pre-verbal.






to clarify why I share this question, I would further ask "how does creativity occur?". to me, it's about collecting drafts (inspirations and observations) and then, suddenly when my mind is defocused, thoughts connect and an insight is born!

overall, to me, (creative) thinking is like constructing thoughts as puzzles which are sparked by someone else's thoughts and also my experiences.

(related resource on "mind defocused and focused" and what happens in the brain in both cases is Learning How to Learn course - see links)

I mention B.Fuller's thinking on "thoughts being a system" on purpose, because I wonder if there's some guiding number in the process of collecting observations and then synthesising them into an insight.

it's useful to reflect on how thoughts occur, and especially valuable thoughts, because if education can be transformed, so it can be transformed into a teaching people how to think better.