Missing institutions

I feel that our society exposes citizens to raw edges of markets. There must be a way to blunt the effects of markets on people. Markets are a good thing but they have unintended effects on people's livelihoods.


This question is to highlight the missing institutions of society. Things that don't exist that should.


投票 (可選) (別通知) (可選)


One can think of an institution to care about arbitrary little thing, for example, "Market Access" or "Subsidy". However, the very way of optimization that the Western world seem to have chosen, relies on evolving and screening for the winners, not nurturing and helping the losers to grow up. I think, it again comes from the Darwinian Optimization mentality, and to create that new mentality, we've got to think of the losers as the outliers, -- seeds with unusual potential -- because, the reasons why they are losers, perhaps, is because they are in the wrong soil, not because they are inherently unfit. With that thinking, something like an institution for "Nurture of Outliers" focused on mining untapped talent and perspectives may be invented.

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A post mortem on every failed business ever where people discover what caused them to fail.

We should have 0 failed business plans and 0 job losses (except for exceptional causes).

Society should be antifragile.

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