Self hosting

How to make hosting computer systems so easy that anybody can do it?


Hosting computer systems is complicated. You have to watch logs and metrics to make sure CPU usage doesn't go above a threshold and so on.


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Got to be kidding. This is really an issue, how people can be the first-class systems of the web (web sytizens)? How can individuals be as reliable as large enterprise systems, and as clear, interactive and interoperable as standard-compliant APIs, yet as free as text and binary files?


I found this thread about semantic sysadministration quite interesting:



I should be able to host a variety of services with low maintenance effort by bringing my servers with me.

I should be able to download a program, enter an AWS access key and secret key and get creation of servers in the cloud for me. And use the same program to manage the servers. This program should show me the resource use of the servers and let me create user accounts for various services.

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