How to get people to do things for you - worker escrow

I think should have a jobs section with numerical amounts of money attached to them. I can pay people to work on something for me.


Marketplace is for things we have created, but what about things that we want other people to do that we do not have the skills for?


投票 (可選) (別通知) (可選)


This feature is in the queue, I suppose, we talked about it, here before, right?


(a) 承諾購買是指您有錢並且願意花錢請人根據描述進行創作。多人加入承諾購買並增加更多的錢。做工作的人決定創造什麼。

(b) Worker escrow 是命令某人創作一件作品,告訴工人該做什麼。

Ah I forgot I posted that, I shall add a differentiation between this question and that question (commit to buy)

(a) Commit to buy is when you have money and you are willing to pay money for someone to create something based on a description. Multiple people join a commit to buy and add more money to it. The people who do the work decide what to create.

(b) Worker escrow is to command someone to create a piece of work, the worker is told what to do.