Most people are underpaid

How to collect the maximum that the market can bear for work?


Work captures a lot of value from people's efforts. There must be a way to untap this massive resource.

I'm looking for ideas on how to stop people from being underpaid.


投票 (可選) (別通知) (可選)

我正在製作一個想法...“債務文件” :)只需將其鏈接到此處即可。很多時候,人們同意以相對象徵性的價格提供幫助(例如,一家初創公司僱用員工,然後不與他們分享“絕大部分”),而沒有附帶條件。確實這是不公平的。

I'm having an idea in the making... "Debt Document" :) Just linked it here. A lot of times people agree to help for relatively symbolic price (for example, a startup hiring employees, and then not sharing the "lion's share" of it with them), without strings attached. It is not fair indeed.

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