Photosynthetic human

We should make our own food in our bodies


If we could splice chlorophyll genes into our genome so that our bodies surfaces are photosynthetic we could generate food from our skin.

We would have to sit in the sun for hours a day but we could use a computer simultaneously.


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嗯,是的,考慮到太陽能大約是。 1.36 kW/平方米,而人影的面積是 0.2 m^2,您將獲得最大 270 W 的功率,並且您必須爲晚上存錢。問題是最大總光合效率爲 [3 到 6%](

Well, yeah, given that solar power is approx. 1.36 kW/square meter, and the area of human shadow is say, 0.2 m^2, you'd be getting 270 W of power at max., and you'd have to save for the night. The problem is that maximum overall photosynthetic efficiency is of 3 to 6% of total solar radiation, which is then equivalent to 0.016 kW of power. So, unless there's a better photosynthetic chemistry, being like a tree doesn't seem very nice. A 100 g bar of chocolate, that I've just eaten, has 2202 kJ (0.6 kWh) of energy, so, I'd need to sit under the sunshine for 37.5 hours straight to get equivalent amount of energy via photosynthesis.

Oh, and where is my electric battery instead of stomach? :)

但我們將成爲別的東西,不再是人類。我想保持人性。我不認爲修改我們的基因組並將我們分成 n 個亞種是一個好主意。只是被分成不同膚色的種族就夠複雜了。 我強烈反對改變人類基因組。擁有這項技術是一個非常可怕的想法。正如我們所知,這將是世界末日,我希望到那時我會離開,但這可能是不可避免的

But we gonna be something else, not human any more. I wanna stay human. I don't think tinkering with our genome and splitting us at n subspecies is a good idea. It's complicated enough just being split into races of different skin color. I'm highly opposed to altering human genome. It's a very scary thought of having this tech available. It'll be the end of the world as we know it, and I hope I'll be gone by then, but it's prbly inevitable

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// 我強烈反對改變人類基因組。


// 這將是我們所知道的世界末日,


// I'm highly opposed to altering human genome.

Why so? I'm actually for freedoms and rights of self-modification at genetic and higher levels.

// It'll be the end of the world as we know it,

It already is the end of the world as we know it, it's great that this technology exists -- finally, being born a dog doesn't mean that you'll have to be a dog for the rest of your life, finally, we will be able to supersede our genetic limitations.


Yeah, there's a reason why we evolved passed plants, to consume high energy foods. This is why trees don't move. It's out of their energy budget. We are free to move, but burdened by necessity to find high energy food. Can't have it both ways. If there was, we would see some critter doing it

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finally, being born a dog doesn't mean that you'll have to be a dog for the rest of your life, finally, we will be able to supersede our genetic limitations.

Modifying genome will affect only the next generation, not the individual, but his offspring. What kinda motivation would we have to do that to our children? I'd guess, to produce slaves, highly specialized for some tasks. Another scenario is rich people enhancing their children with super senses, creating a master race. How about creating a warrior subspecies of humans? Are you ready to fight them? These are not hard predictions to make.

It's like software that can modify its own code. Maybe by some rules at first, but then those rules will be subject to change. It's just too confusing. Also, how would you deal with unfortunate, but inevitable mistakes. Woops, we just created a species in f monstrous phycopaths, for ever to deal with. Good luck.

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基因改造應該有一個單獨的主題。我已經在 self-modifcation 上開始了這樣的話題。

The genetic modification should have a separate topic. I've started such topic here on self-modifcation.



All the ingredients of chocolate came from photosynthesis. That's how powerful it is.

Sure we would have to stay still like trees but our civilization would be far more stable and there would be less want.

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We could modify our bodies to grow foliage like a plant.