Irreconcilable differences

People have different opinions. How do we avoid tyranny from the minority or majority?


People have different points of view. I don't want people whom I despise or people who I disagree with to make laws that apply to me.

This category is for ideas to produce solutions to irreconcilable differences


投票 (可選) (別通知) (可選)


解決這個問題的另一種方法是改變神經迴路,這些神經迴路向這些感覺發出信號,滿足更抽象的要求,如放鬆或興奮等。 有時感覺可能與生理不相容,然後生理也需要改變,如果想和另一個人享受同樣的東西……

Something what we think of irreconcilable differences, in fact are clashes of value systems, because of the values that we assign to perceptions: a reptile may be extremely relaxed baking in a scorching heat, whereas a polar bear may feel the same kind of relaxation in a freezing cold: both have a need for the higher need -- "feeling relaxed" -- a difference reconciled by translation of concrete requirements to abstract ones.

Another way to fix that, is just by changing neural circuits that signal those senses the satisfaction of more abstract requirements like the relaxation or excitement, etc. Sometimes the feelings may be incompatible with physiology, and then the physiology needs to change too, if one wants enjoy the same things as another...

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I don't know exact answer how to resolve conflicts in each community, but they do get resolved inside healthy communities, thru communities cations and love and kindness. I think the best we can do is to organize society into a more granular structure of autonomous communities. Then, it'll just get better, from grassroots.