Resilience to the worst of humanity

The average person is selfish, greedy, not very intelligent and an emotionally stunted illogical thinker. How can any economic system win the support of the majority if these things are true


Any system has to defend against human stupidity which is unlimited. Just look at society and what the average person watches on television.

Any system cannot rely on the best of humanity or values such as integrity, honesty, camaraderie, honour.

I am interested in ideas that are resilient.

The average person has the intellectual reasoning to buy something and wait for something to rise in value. This is the extent of the average person's intellectual abilities. Not in inventing new things or creating something original.


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同意,[尹與及],還有一句話,“一分錢一分貨”,這句話在統計上是正確的,所以可以提出一個問題——如何進化出人類價值中最好的特徵。可以執行對進化行爲的技術研究(具有 良好的動畫模擬),並且與該類別相關。

Agree, [尹與及], and there's also a saying, "You get what you reward for," which is statistically true, so the question could be raised, -- how to evolve the features that are the best of human values. The technical research (with good animated simulations) into the behaviors that evolve can be performed, and is relevant to this category.

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I think it's very simple and basic. Just make it easy for people to form and maintain local communities. The rest will fall in place. Community is a basic human need. a healthy local community will take care of all other human needs, like food and shelter. Let's get to the basics. That's what our tech should facilitate, the simplicity and f human existence, thru self sufficient communities. Also, I really object to calling most people stupid and selfish. When you do, that's what you gonna get. They are all at the same time, but all wanna be on the good side, side of community. That's just wired into us. We survive by clinging together. Our brains develop to live in peace with each other. Simply, if you succeed in providing basic needs from outside the community, you will fail , for what's the point of having the community. So we all gonna be lonely and miserable, just like now. We already have it.

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What we really need a s land, to form new communes, nurturing better culture. Building brand new is much easier then fixing the old. We got plenty of tech but land is always the biggest problem. Simply, all land been horded up by just a few people, and that's the root cause of all the misery. The only way it can be helped is by more sharing, by spreading land a little wider. I hope wealth generated on Blockchain can be used for that, that's my hope.



I agree land is the problem. It's too expensive and the profit motive has superseded every other use of land. Even if something is socially profitable, the money incentive comes first.

Sheltering people should be a society wide imperative of a loving community or society. But it isn't. Profit is.

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