Resenting God

I was created as a spirit to be a unique verb before God. Like God is I am I am also a doing verb - I do things uniquely to other parts of creation. Be it invention, writing or art. I am a knife who resents being expected to cut things.


I resent God for creating me for his purpose which although perfect and would make me happy I resent the preclusion.

We probably have free will in heaven to do what we want but are expected to pick up duties or jobs that God decides we are designed for. I resent being the watchmaker's watch. No matter how natural ticking would be to be a watch.

I am looking for ideas to put this resentment at rest.

I resent being created. Awoken from a slumber of non existence. I was an idea in God's mind and I am. But I don't necessarily agree.


投票 (可選) (別通知) (可選)

也許跟進 this 會有所幫助嗎?

  1. 假設“虛無” 2.總結“等距”
  2. 看球,因爲等距定義了它們。
  3. 參見 Pi 和通用圖靈機。 :)

Maybe follow up on this could help?

  1. assume "Nothingness"
  2. conclude "Equidistance"
  3. see balls, cause equidistant defines them.
  4. see the Pi and the universal Turing machines. :)