Universe as Fractal Octopus


Universe expresses itself through human creativity


Everything that exists is one Universe (the same energy) that communicates through human creative thoughts.

Octopus as a metaphor of multiple hands means being able to think and act in many different ways because that's what creativity is about.

More so, a Fractal Octopus as a metaphor of one-ness comes from 'fractals' idea that talks about the same pattern of living systems repeating over and over again if you zoom in or zoom out.


(別通知) (可選) 請,登錄

//人類的創造力//或者章魚的創造力? :)

// human creativity //

Or, octopus creativity? :)



哦,這很有趣:“讓宇宙從無到有的旅程成爲鼓舞人心的” https://0oo.li/event/1/zero-to-infinity#

Oh this is interesting:

"Let the Universe's journey from Nothing to Everything be inspirational" https://0oo.li/event/1/zero-to-infinity#


"Universe is energy (wave) and (particles) when stable" - What does it mean as a metaphor but also as a fact?