Everyone is their own currency


You often see companies advertising cashback or money off products or you get a gift for purchasing or they donate money to charity. It is ultimately meaningless as it is simply money off the sticker price. We need a unit that is gained when you purchase some thing. When you buy some thing you cause lots of good things and work for people which is good. It gives people things to do and it coordinates society. You should always be capable of buying food and energy. Your currency of yourself should guarantee this for exchange. So I can go I to a shop and buy anything with chronological or Sam coins. Then the seller gains a marginal benefit based on my labour creative output in return for holding chronological or Sam coins. They have a claim on my output


Everyone needs to be capable of affording everything, so anyone can command society today produce any thing of value. Currently very few people decide what gets created and they do not think what is meaningful or purposeful for everyone. They focus primarily on profit. If everyone represented themselves as a currency there could be individuals with no wealth commanding large organisations to produce valuable things. Everyone would have a stake in the world and output of what everyone else produces.


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