Virtual GoodReward thank tokens/shares


Issue tokens to people when they do something good for you, can be redeemed for favours later


I wonder what the social experiment of issuing points for good things done as a thank you, rather than expressing money.

We don't want to gamify thanking but we want thanking to be lasting impact.

So imagine a community that thank eachother with tokens.


(別通知) (可選) 請,登錄


That's actually a great idea. There's really cases, where people don't want to take money for their help, but you do want to thank them, and it's also a kind of way to have a stake in the futures connected to those help-outs, especially, if these tokens are long-lasting, and tied to identities.

Mindey 我寄給你 1x 感謝 Infinity Family 的代幣。

Mindey I send you 1x thankyou token for Infinity Family.

    : Mindey
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Thank you, [chronological], as well, for actually using it! I hope this place becomes more fun in the coming months.


正如 Ruta 所說,該網站吸引了某種想要談論問題、目標和想法的人。不幸的是,並不是每個人都有這種個性。

在某些方面,使用這個網站是“與 Mindey 社交” ;-) 當然我很感謝 Grounded Stream、Xntoo 和 Ruta ;-) 滑雪快樂在哪裏?斯蒂芬去哪兒了?

I think you did a great piece of work and the site is really useable and easy to use. It's a good ontology. I can see it working really well.

As Ruta said, the site attracts a certain kind of personality who want to talk of problems, goals and ideas. Unfortunately not everybody has that personality.

In some ways, using this site is "socialising with Mindey" ;-) There's of course I am grateful for Grounded Stream, Xntoo and Ruta though ;-) Where is skihappy? Where did Stephen go?

哦,我很想看看[skihappy]。他是一位出色的物理學家和思想家。他的用戶名讓我想起了 [skinflaps]。

Oh, I would love to see [skihappy]. He's a good physicist and thinker. His username reminds me of [skinflaps].

實際上,我多次嘗試聯繫他。他的朋友 AnnMarie 說他摔斷腿後患上了抑鬱症,現在不能滑雪,不再快樂了:(

Actually, i tried to reach him many times. His friend AnnMarie said he has depression after he broke his leg and now cant ski and no happy anymore :(

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    : Mindey
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