Benefit inbox


A website that lists benefits or advantages, that you can subscribe to with one click


My car ( I don't drive) phone, my employer, my job, my operating system, my bank, my mortgage, my credit card, my utilities, my washing machine, my fridge, my dishwasher and so on all have features.

Those features can be combined together for unique benefits.

I should be capable of seeing a benefit in my benefit inbox which says things such as:

"Book this holiday at the same time with your employer holiday system and if the holiday is approved you guarantee the price"

"Organise my transport to work and emergency transport when I am stranded"

"Pay your electricity bill in advance for 5% off"

"Pay your gas bill by direct debit for 5% off"

"Turn on do not disturb on my phone between 6pm-7pm for dinner and 10pm-5am for sleep"

"Schedule automatic buying or milk on schedule every week"

"Arrange all the things I purchased online as deliveries to all arrive Friday and ask employer for holiday on Friday to take deliveries"

"Ask for flexible working hours during days I am doing the school run (mornings or evenings)"

"Schedule a child paternity leave"

"Set up my credit card to pay off on full each month"

"Organise a repair of my car"

"Lock my house when I leave proximity of the house"

"Schedule my flexible working hours with train or bus timetable"


(別通知) (可選) 請,登錄





Like there's "Home automation", would this be something akin to "Life automation"? I guess, the subscriptions should also monitor for exceptions to rules based on statistical preferences, and ask to make exceptions. For example:

"Lock my house when I leave proximity of the house"

The statistics may show, that people don't want to lock houses by default, and only want to lock the house in the cases that unwanted parties (like a thief) are approaching to it, and then ask:

"Only you? What about your family members? Would locking it when a stranger is trying to access it be sufficient? ..."