On-line courses based on basic-income


Connect basic income with on-line course providers, and profit


When people are one or less salaries away from being broke, they don't necessarily can focus on going through courses, that they are not quite sure will land them a job.

However, it is quite clear, that if people are to be displaced by robots in most jobs, a way to stay ahead will be to get educated, and instead of letting people have completely free income, it might be better to have income for the tasks that help people get educated.


Moreover, when you consider how much value could be created by educating people, it looks like a very good solution. After all, education was, and it seems, should continue to be a thing subsidized by society. Just consider all the millions of startups that could be created by these newly educated people, empowered by best practices in latest technologies.


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I like this idea. You could have arbitrary pairing of people trained in business administration, hospitality work together to be a coffee shop.