Anonymous Messenger Designed for Coaching



A messenger for digital coaching that doesn't track message history and lets users register anonymously.

It'd be nice to have a website where people can browse a list of coaches, buy a coaching service anonymously and be able not track IM conversations with a coach (coaching session involves personal questions that we want to keep private).


(別通知) (可選) 請,登錄


Could easily be done by an AI bot in existing secure meessengers, which you friend when you need debugging yourself. You could start from a rule-based system with a set of questions, and end up with something more advanced like a Bayesian net or a probabilistic program, enhanced with deep neural nets...



看看聰明人對學習的看法-“停止學習,開始思考” (TED,[Jacob Barnett](。


But you know, I would rather call it "strategic partnerships" or "knowledge exchange" or "consensual mutual supervision", or something else.

A "coach" associates with "trainer", and training associates which Pavlovian conditioning, which is a lower order mental activity than reasoning.

Look what smart people say about learning -- "stop learning, and start thinking" (TED, Jacob Barnett).

Thinking together -- that's what I would call it.