Communicate road information to citizens



communicate road information to SatNavs and Phones in order to warn about potential hazards on the road ahead

I reckon that the simplest solution is the following : - gather real-time data from roads, such as average speed of vehicles, presence of traffic jams, roadworks or slow moving vehicles such as tractors. - crunch that data and then send the most appropriate information to a driver's satnav device ( it could also be a phone ). This information could be a recommended speed or potential danger ahead.

People usually make mistakes on the road because they go too fast and don't anticipate anything that is ahead.


(別通知) (可選) 請,登錄

在寫想法時,要寫得好像是新發明。 “交流信息”的思想可能是集思廣益的一部分,但是在Infinity上,解決方案部分用於具有概念化程度的思想,您可以在其中命名,例如新穎的系統或小工具。因此,可能是“基於GPS數據警告您有障礙物的SatNav”。現在,如果您可以詳細瞭解其工作原理,那麼對於Infinity的想法將是一件好事。 :)



When writing ideas, write as if hey are new inventions. The thought "to communicate information" can be a part of brainstorming, but on Infinity, the solutions section is for ideas that have the degree of conceptualization, where you can put a name to it, something like a novel system, or a gadget. So, it could be "A SatNav that warns you of obstacles based on GPS data". Now, if you could go into more details of how it would work, this would be good for an idea on Infinity. :)

Btw., I'm sure you are aware that the current traffic conditions are inferred exactly this way -- by signals from the mobile phone owners on the roads. I'm not sure if the update rate in the phones would be sufficient for a collision warning system though, and likely, you would need special equipment for the cars.

How would this compare to the traditional radars?