"A truly global partnership - helping the UN to do itself out of a job"



The idea is to restructure the ILO (International Labour Organization) to include the NGOs and young people into the governance structures to make the UN outsource the development-related tasks directly to them, bypassing the tasking of states, which are inefficient at those types of tasks:

The submission tackles the United Nations’ outdated state-centric nature and its skewed emphasis on development work, which other actors are often better-placed to do. The model proposed brings businesses, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and young people into UN governance structures, taking the International Labour Organization (ILO) as a starting point. Concurrently, the UN would transfer its development-related tasks to these stakeholders, who would bid competitively for contracts. They would be incentivised to do more but also subjected to greater scrutiny as part of this process. As a result, the UN could redirect its limited resources to crucial tasks such as conflict resolution, which cannot be easily performed by others.

by Natalie Samarasinghe at globalchallenges.org


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