Create a list of join queries that would be useful cross institutions


In designing this data liquidity system, we should have some idea of the kinds of questions we want to answer


Some questions that I'd like to answer

  • Find flats/apartments for sale that are within my price range that are near a train station and supermarket shop
  • Find knowledge or keywords that is correlated with higher salaries (machine learning)
  • Search for meal plans that I can buy that cover my calorific requirements and activity level
  • Find jobs that are within 10 minutes commute to me

(別通知) (可選) 請,登錄

我們該怎麼稱呼它?基本生活情報?關於工作,除非您正在尋找工作作爲鍛鍊,否則這些天您最好在偏遠和遠程進行。 ;)

What shall we call this? Basic life intel? Regarding jobs, in all likelihood, you are better off with remote and long-distance these days, unless you are looking for job as workout. ;)


The goal is to find cross institution joins. Things that are difficult without having the data in one database.