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CLI password management app YAML 項目

Generate, set, copy, und print passwords in CLI.

Support for 2FA will be added some time later.

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Yeah, exactly! So, as to keep it non-distracting. There are just too many places to keep notifications on :)

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@Mindey Good. It reminds me of issue tracking, release notes, and user forum. Flattening conversations over a project into 2 straight timelines of comments and logs could be a little plain, while Jira looks overcomplicated.

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[Neruthes], understood. Well, take a look around here. One of the main purposes of this place is to share progress about development, so link tasks results, or summaries. Btw., absence of notifications is a feature here. However, you can always find posts with latest activity by visiting main page. Will work on the search feature in a near future.

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@Mindey Thank you. I am working on this project for upcoming features, and I look forward to improvements with software quality.

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歡迎來到Neruthes的Homebase〜您目前還在從事這個項目嗎?不要忘記回來分享一些成果,我們可能希望逐步支持您的工作〜^ __ ^

Welcome to Homebase, Neruthes~ Are you currently working on this project, as well? Don't forget to come back to share some results, and we may want to incrementally support your work~ ^__^

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